About Ivy R. Quinn


Born and raised in the Canadian Maritimes, I have a charming personality and an infectious smile. I left home to pursue higher education, obtaining degrees in sociology and social work, and always striving to learn more about the world and all the wonderful people within it. 

I adore making others feel comfortable in my presence, and value open communication and respect above all else. I welcome new experiences, and any discussion that may lead to the exploration of your deepest desires. 


Hair: Long, natural red, usually highlighted yellow

Eyes: Blue/Grey mix

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 180lbs-ish

Hips: 43" at widest ;)

Bra: 38DD/E

Panties: L/XL (based on fabric)

Dress Size: 12-14 

Shoe Size: 9

Tattoos: Several, most can be covered by clothing 

Piercings: Tongue two times, philtrum, ears


I enjoy stories and the many mediums for sharing, including books, movies, podcasts, documentaries, performance art, music, and video games. Want to know a little secret? I'm a really big nerd. :) 

Some of my favourite things to do... walking my pet dog (he is a pug!); swimming, especially in salt water (it reminds me of home); eating (let's be honest, food can be so wonderful); exploring new places, especially ones with a lot of history!

 My favourite dates involve time to chat and enjoy each other's company. I want to help you to relax and unwind; to enjoy the simpler things that life has to offer; and to explore and experience new things together.  


Books: anything Kurt Vonnegut; heartbreaking stories, particularly memoirs

Movies: musicals, animated, fantasy

Music: Elton John; Dolly Parton; Fleetwood Mac; Oasis; Iron Maiden

Edibles: milk chocolate bars; juicy steaks; popcorn

Beer: I enjoy trying new craft beer of all kinds! I have a preference for stouts and any pumpkin ale

Wine: sparkling wine and champagne; Rieslings; Sauvignon Blancs; nothing too dry

Liquors: a preference for gin! Ungava, Empress 1908, any unique flavours of gin

Sports: Go Raptors! Always open to attending games!

Giftcards: Any lingerie or shoe store; Eaton Centre (CF Shops); Uber Canada; Sephora; Nordstrom; Amazon.ca; Elmswood Spa